Community Road Watch (speed checks)

Local residents are invited to get involved with Community Roadwatch in Beckenham. CCARA Chair, Cllr Chloe-Jane Ross is reinvigorating our local road watch and the team will be going out next week. If you are keen to get involved as a CCARA Community Roadwatch volunteer please get in contact by email to

Community Roadwatch is a road safety initiative which aims to reduce speeding in residential areas. Community Roadwatch gives local residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams, and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles in their communities. Warning letters will be issued where appropriate, and the information can help to inform the future activity of local police teams.

One thought on “Community Road Watch (speed checks)

  1. This is a good initiative and it will be interesting to see the results. Conversely, it is important to tackle slow moving traffic problem/ pollution at Shortlands and Beckenham Junction by restoring access at Westgate Road Bridge and new surface for Downs Bridge Road.

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