Get the RINGO app to park – cash will no longer be accepted in meters.

Bromley Council have decided to remove all the cash parking meters in the Borough. Payment to park will need to be made by RINGO app, which is downloadable from the App Store on your smart phone.

This only applies to council parking machines and meters. In Beckenham the Odeon Carpark and Sainsbury’s car park will still take cash. And Waitrose and M&S offer free parking for their shoppers.

The change to RINGO will happen on Mon 20 March, Tues 21 March and Wed 22 March.

2 thoughts on “Get the RINGO app to park – cash will no longer be accepted in meters.

  1. This parking policy is bad for trade, bad for the High Street and bad for customers. Many shoppers and visitors will choose out of town, local parades or Bluewater to shop and in combination with most banks closing is a disaster. Urgent action needed with free parking every day like Harrow’s cancellation of town centre parking!

  2. Re Bromley parking restricted to internet application: this is blatant discrimination against the elderly and anyone else who does not use the internet, or internet banking.

    How can Bromley Council get away with this?

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