The Copers Cope Area Residents Assocition (CCARA) founded in 1935 and the West Beckenham Residents Association founded in 1945 are the longest serving largest residents associations (RAs) in Beckenham. The two associations work collaboratively for the betterment of Beckenham and refer to each other as sister RAs. In recent years the Chairs (Chloe-Jane Ross for CCARA and Marie Pender for WBRA) have sought closer working and pooling of resources to enable both organisations to do more and utilise each others committee’s skills and experience – like the sharing of this website.

What to the RAs do?

Each RA have a committee of volunteers from the community which actively monitor issues in the local area, respond to members concerns and take them forward with the relevant authorities (such as Bromley Council, local Police, TfL, Southeastern and elected repreasentatives (such as MP and Councillors, although the RAs are not party political).  Both RAs represent members on a whole raft of issues including planning, licensing, health, council spending, policing, heritage, town centre improvement and more. They also hold community events and work on inititatives with other local groups,  and particiapte in  Council working groups and meetings.

Find out more about each association below.

Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association (CCARA)

Covering central and northern Beckenham (the Copers Cope Ward), the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association (CCARA) was founded in 1935 to ‘protect and promote the interests of residents on matters of local concern’.

The CCARA is non party-political. Is open to anyone living in or near Beckenham to join. It covers a wide range is issues on behalf of local people. If you use Beckenham High Street or enjoy our Market On The Green please give us your support and become a member.

CCARA Committee

  • Chloe-Jane Ross (Chair)
  • Alan Old (Planning)
  • Stephen Parkin (Vice Chair)
  • Myra Jeffries (Secretary)
  • Robert Jeffries (Treasurer)
  • Ben Soule (Membership)
  • Marsha Berg (Town Centre and Policing)
  • Rosemary Willsher (Transport)
  • Jen Mc Arthur (Streets and active travel)
  • Dee Hetherington (Health)
Email: chairman@coperscope.org.uk

Map of Copers Cope Area


West Beckenham Residents’ Association (WBRA)