Do Up Our Alley

The Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association on behalf of the Beckenham Town Centre Team submitted a bid to the Mayor’s High Street Fund to get some money to clear up the alleyways off the High Street.  The Mayor’s fund has awarded Beckenham £20,000 for the Do Up Our Alley Project which will name, sign, clean up and improve the maintenance of the alleyways in Beckenham Town Centre.

The Town Centre Team had made a recommendation that the High Street alleyways be cleaned up as part of the TfL public realm improvements. Not all the alleyways will included in the improvement project so we will use the Mayor’s High Street Fund award to clean up some of the remaining ones. There are 15 High Street Alleys between the War Memorial and Beckenham Junctions and we hope to make the £20,000 pound stretch as far as it can.

We need your help!

  • Can you to complete our before and after surveys. The before survey can be found online at
  • Can you help with our community clean up days? There will be at least 2 clean up days scheduled during the next few months. We will publicise them, however if you or a community group can help us please get in touch.
  • Are you a local artist, sign maker, designer or artisan that can contribute to create public art and alley name signs?
  • Are you a local trade that can assist with lighting, decoration, road surfacing and other jobs? In-kind and at-cost assistance will be much appreciated.
  • Are you a local business that wants to make a contribution, there are many ways you can help (e.g. lunch for the clean up crews, financial contributions)? Get in touch Email us at or phone Marie on 020 8658 5355.
To start the project we need to know what you think about the alleys currently. Find out more about the alleys HERE.


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