Safer Christmas Shopping – purse bells

As you are probably aware, across the borough we are still experiencing high demand for purse bells. In order for us to get them out to the broadest audience possible we will be delivering 200 purse bells to every charity shop in the borough. Some have already been delivered, others will be delivered in the next day or two.

The idea of the purse bell is for one to be attached to a purse, wallet or hand bag and it will draw attention should anyone try to interfere with it. We particularly try to encourage vulnerable shoppers who may be targeted by pick pockets (without alarming them).

We are asking for your cooperation with letting your colleagues, panels, local groups, day centres, NHW contacts and residents know that these purse bells will be available at the till point in every charity shop that accepts them from Saturday (if not already). From previous experience, not all shops accept them, but we try and get as many as possible on board. We find that by using charity shops to distribute them we can get them to some new faces in our target group, and by requesting a small donation towards that charity shop for each purse bell, we avoid people taking 10 at a time!

There is a press release going out – hopefully in today’s News Shopper – which will also be letting residents know.

If your ward does not have a charity shop please get in touch with your respective Safer Neighbourhood Officer and we should be able agree an alternative venue to take them to.



Amanda Davis
Safer Neighbourhood Development Officer
London Borough of Bromley

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