Bank card scam warning

Bromley Police are reissuing their warning about a scam in which fraudsters are obtaining people’s bank cards, after numerous attempts to perpetrate this scam across the borough in the last month.

The scam works by the victim initially receiving a phone call, or number of phone calls, from someone claiming to be from their bank or credit card supplier. The caller obtains personal details from the victim before advising them that they need a new card and telling them that a courier will visit them shortly to collect their old card. A person, dressed to look like a courier, then arrives at the door to take the card.

A spokesman for Bromley Police said: “Never-ever disclose your bank details to anyone cold calling, banks will never call you asking for personal or account information as they already have these details, and neither will the Police. If there is a problem with your card and it needs to be replaced the bank will write to you advising you to cut the card up. They will never arrange for it to be collected by a courier. You should never give out bank details or other personal information over the phone, whatever the reason behind the request”.

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