Update on the Queen’s visit to Bromley on 15 May 2012

What is happening on 15 May….

  • 10.30am the Royal car will drive along Tweedy Road and Kentish Way to the Queens Gardens entrance.
  • Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh will tour Bromley town centre and The Glades.
  • There will be giant TV screens streaming the visit in Market Square and the High Street.
  • During the morning (from 9 am) there will be music and entertainment in the town centre.
  • A Fashion exhibition in The Glades and Queens Gardens celebrating British fashion designers will be open to the public from noon.
  • There will be some road closures and traffic disruption.
  • A park and ride in vintage buses will operate from Norman Park between 6am and 6pm.
For further information please see the Diamond Jubilee Update newsletter below.

Diamond Jubilee Update

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