“Pop Up” Shop – a first for Beckenham

New to Beckenham High Street – “Pop Up Fashion”, offering beautiful, new, inexpensive female fashions has opened where Debut menswear closed on 28th April.

It’s a genuine pop up shop – only open til August when it will be refurbished ready for its new tenant.
Well done Pop Up Fashion… it’s just what Copers Cope Resident’s Association have been championing for empty shops on our High Street! So much better than dreary empty premises. Come on Bromley Council and commercial landlords, follow this initiative and help us revitalise our High Street.

One thought on ““Pop Up” Shop – a first for Beckenham

  1. Well done everyone. Another way to make good use of empty premises is to use their window space to tell passers by what a wonderful community Beckenham is and to subtly advertise positive developments and activities in the town and around. For example, Citygate could be telling us their wonderful pland to revitalise The Studio and invite Community Groups to make use of the rooms available. In Blackheath, the Blackheath Society are proactive in doing this sort of thing.

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