Fraud prevention booklet launched

Every year the British public loses billions of pounds to ‘scammers’, who bombard people with online, mail, door-to-door and telephone scams.
Officers within the Metropolitan Police Service’s Specialist and Economic Crime Directorate have produced a comprehensive fraud prevention booklet entitled, ‘The Little Book of Big Scams’. The guide explains some of the most common scams in existence, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated and provides the reader with essential advice to reduce the chances of them being parted from their money  – tips are included on how to avoid door to door scams, bank and payment card scams, mobile phone scams, internet scams as well as handy hints everyone can read to protect themselves.
The booklet is available in PDF format here
People from all backgrounds and income levels are targeted by scammers – anyone can fall victim to fraud. This booklet is primarily aimed at the elderly and vulnerable in society as they are particularly at risk; but anyone who reads it will benefit.

One thought on “Fraud prevention booklet launched

  1. The people who are most prone to being cheated by cold call scammers are the inded the elderly and vulnerable. They are unlikely to have a computer or if they do they are unlikely read all the mass of uninvited electronic messages twhich they can be easily be overwhelmed by (and warned about opening). Thus it is not helpful to these people for this important booklet to be available only as PDF booklet. Copies in booklet form must also be readily available.

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