New CCTV Camera in High Street

Following robberies on the Halifax and Argento jewellers a CCTV camera has been installed. You can see it on the
lamp post outside Paddy Power at the end of The Drive.

One thought on “New CCTV Camera in High Street

  1. Who are ‘Paddy Power’? Is the CCTV camera in the High Street or is it in The Drive? What is needed are CCTV cameras in The Drive that cover the the ‘back roads’ i.e. one camera covering the driveway at the back of Halifax into the Regal cinema car park and another opposite the access road to the shops behind many of the other shops in the High Street beginning with Argento .
    The Council shouyld also be asked to look at the ‘Blot on the Landscape’ which is the first of the even numbered houses in The Drive. This is where the Council stopped an unlawful house extension. Why has the hal built extension not been removed? IFor many years now it has been a depressing site for all who love the High Street (The Drive is an enchanting avenue off the High Street) and signals disinterest in the state of the High Street by LBB and it is a beacon for those wanting to find somehwere for dumping their rubbish nearby.

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