Deputy Mayor Awards Winners of Beckenham’s Best Dressed Window

On Saturday some of you may have seen the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Ian Payne and Mrs Payne walking our High Street talking to residents and visiting shop owners/managers. The Mayor’s Office had kindly accepted our invitation to present the awards for Beckenham’s Best Dressed Window and the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Ian Payne and Mrs Payne also took the opportunity to get out and about on our High Street.

Deputy Mayor, Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association and Beckenham Business Association

We met at Zizzi’s (thank you Emilio for opening up early for us) and took some time to discuss with the Deputy Mayor the importance of local community groups such as the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association and the Beckenham Business Association working together to keep Beckenham town centre thriving.

We had all been impressed by the efforts of businesses for the window competition, and it certainly created a buzz around town, with stunning windows designed by all participants.

Our members often express concern in regard to the vitality of the High Street, with closure of shops and shops lying empty being a particular worry. We hope the competition gave a boost to the High Street and got more of us into our own local shops to see what they have to offer. It’s been said before… “use it or lose it” – if we want to keep a thriving High Street we need to shop there.

The winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Diamond Jubilee Window Display Awards:

  • 1st – Beckenham Flower Studio
  • 2nd – Red Boutique
  • 3rd – Beckenham Toys
  • Joint 4th – Chas Norman Cameras, Julienne Dancewear, The Kitchen Range
  • 5th – Thackray Williams

We visited the top three shops and Deputy Mayor, Cllr Ian Payne presented their awards.

Well done to Beckenham Flower Studio for winning the first Best Dressed Window competition! There will, obviously, be a different theme for next year’s competition – but who will hold the trophy in 2013?

Deputy Mayor and Beckenham Flower Studio (Winner)
Deputy Mayor and Red Boutique (2nd place)
Deputy Mayor and Beckenham Toy Shop (3rd place)

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