Council asks for views on Council Tax Support Scheme – consulation ends on 12 Oct 2012

In April 2013 the government will reduce the grant for the current Council Tax Benefit scheme.

The Council operates a national council tax benefit scheme which supports pensioners and working age people on low incomes to pay their council tax.  In April 2013 the government will reduce the grant for the current Council Tax Benefit scheme.  In its place the government has instructed all councils to develop their own local scheme called Council Tax Support.

Under the new scheme to be implemented from April 2013, Bromley Council will receive an estimated reduction in funding of £3.1million towards the cost of council tax benefit. This means Bromley Council will have £3.1 million less to spend on council tax support. The government has also said that all current and future pensioner Council Tax benefit recipients must be fully protected from the changes. The reductions to benefit will therefore only affect working age people.  Bromley Council is currently lobbying the government about this much reduced level of funding and has written to local MPs expressing concern and dissatisfaction about the financial impact on our residents.

Said Councillor Graham Arthur, Executive Councillor for Resources:

“This Council has a well-earned reputation for sound financial management.  We are determined that the scheme we put in place recognises that the significant cut in the funding we receive from central government will be for the long term. The changes we are forced to make will place a financial burden on the benefit recipients of Bromley. We have a responsibility to make sure our Council Tax Support scheme is sustainable and is the best and fairest for all our residents”.

Whether the new Council Tax Support scheme affects you directly or indirectly, the Council is asking for your views on a draft Council Tax Support scheme.  There is a consultation questionnaire at or if you have any questions you can ring 020 8603 3478 between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. The consultation will close on 12 October 2012.



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