Beckenham Beacon Future Uncertain – NHS Trust Pulls Out

Following the South London Health Care Trust being put into administration a report has been published that recommends the NHS Trust terminates it lease at the Beckenham Beacon. A  public consultation on these recommendations is now open until the 13th December (respond to the consultation:

Extract from the report: “Beckenham Beacon: The Trust currently only provides outpatient and diagnostics services from the site, but in doing so occupies around 45% of the total space. This makes the space very poorly utilised and comes at a cost of over £1.7m a year. By improving the utilisation of the space and services within Princess Royal University Hospital, the Trust will be able to provide the services considerably more efficiently from there. Discussions have therefore started with Bromley CCG on ending the lease, which will reduce the Trust’s spend by £1.7m per year.

As part of these discussions, the CCG will be considering how it can most effectively use Beckenham Beacon to support the delivery of its communitybased care strategy. This may include the provision of some planned care, outpatients and diagnostics from the site. The CCG is also exploring opportunities to maximise the utilisation of the building for health and social care provision, which could include moving other local primary care and community services in as well.”

Bromley CCG refers to the NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group which becomes a statutory body in 1 April 2013. Until then Bromley CCG will operate under the aegis of Bromley Primary Care Trust (PCT) which remains the statutory organisation for the commissioning of health services in Bromley until 31 March 2013.

What residents what to know is:

  1. When can the South London Health Care Trust terminate the lease?
  2. What services will be lost from the Beacon?
  3. What services do the Bromley CCG/PCT plan to provide in the Beacon?

Our Association will champion the Beacon and strive to find these answers. We have a public meeting on Weds 7 November 8pm at the Beckenham Public Halls, please come along and raise your concerns with our Councillors and our London Assembly Member. This consultation on health provision in our town, borough and South East London more widely is significant to us all.

Useful links

Respond to the consultation:

Summary of the TSA’s

Full draft report:


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