SCAM fake Police Officer – message from Bromley Police

Police were called to the victim’s home address after he had called 999 stating he had been a victim of a scam. On police arrival the victim stated that on 25/10/2012 at around 1330 he had received a call from a male who stated he was a police officer. This male knew the victims surname without being told and identified him self as DC Metcalf. This male stated to the victim that he was taking part in some form of operation to trap local criminals in the area and needed £4000 to do this.

The victim agreed to give the male the money but stated he would have to withdraw it from the bank. The male then told the victim that he could not tell anybody about this as it was secret. The male stated that one of his colleagues would come round later to the victim’s home address to collect the money. The victim was then given a reference number by the male which was 224498 and told that his colleague would give the victim this number to prove he was from the police.

Between 1330 and 1500 hours the victim has gone to Lloyds TSB in Orpington High Street to withdraw the £4000. The victim stated that he withdrew the money from his current account and was not challenged by bank staff as to why he was withdrawing so much money. The money was handed to the victim in a brown envelope.

At 1500 hours the victim had returned home from the bank and was alerted to a knocking at the front door. On answering the door stood a male (SUS 1) who was described as in his 30’s, F600 tall, olive skin, dark brown hair, with stubble and wearing a form of grey tracksuit with trainers. SUS1 showed the victim a piece of paper with the same reference number given by the male on the phone. The victim believed at this stage SUS1 was a police officer because of the reference number. No other identification was shown to the victim. The victim stated that SUS1 took two steps back from the door and appeared agitated.

The victim has then gone to hand SUS1 the brown envelope containing the £4000 in cash to which SUS1 has insisted it be put in a plastic bag instead. The victim has then gone to look for a plastic bag which has apparently made SUS1 agitated. The money was then placed in a plastic Wilson bag and handed over to SUS1. SUS1 has then left.

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