Bromley Police Pick-pocket warning

Bromley Police are warning residents to be wary of pick-pockets, after a recent spate of offences in The Glades Shopping Centre and around Bromley Town Centre.

The victims in each case had withdrawn money from a cash point before beginning shopping. Whilst they were shopping they were approached by a man and woman, who claimed they had paint on their coat and pretended to be wiping it off. Whilst distracted one of the suspects would steal the victim’s wallet/purse.

The suspects are both described as being white, with eastern European accents. The male is believed to be in his 50’s.

Bromley Police would suggest taking following precautions whilst out shopping in order to avoid becoming the victim of a pick-pocket or purse-dipper:

• Carry your bag close to you with the clasp facing inwards. Keep it zipped up, and make sure your wallet or purse can’t be seen. Don’t carry large amounts of cash.
• When at a bar, restaurant or cafe keep your belongings safe. Keep bags where you can see them but out of reach of passers by. Use bag hooks under tables if they are available.
• If you use your mobile phone on the street be aware of your surroundings whilst you’re on the phone and after your call has ended.
• Spread your possessions about – keep your mobile phone separate from your purse, and your keys separate from your credit card.
• Beware when using cash dispensers. Criminals target people when using these machines.
• Cover up any expensive jewellery and, if you must carry other valuables, be discreet.

Anyone with any information should contact Bromley Police’s CID on 020 8284 8859 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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