Old Zenith Windows shop front gets a clean up

Residents will be pleased that the old Zenith Windows shop front has received a make over.

Gone are the unsightly hoardings, in their place the windows now have smart posters promoting Beckenham.

Our Association, the West Beckenham RA, Beckenham Business Association and our Town Centre Manager all made representations to get the shop front tided tidied up.

We hope everyone agrees the site looks much better.

One thought on “Old Zenith Windows shop front gets a clean up

  1. Glad that High street façades are getting a facelift but whilst doing the census some time back, along the length of the high street, I was appalled at the condition of the area behind all the shops, and between there and the Drive. Whilst Beckenham prides itself on its ‘village’ feel, the waste, rubbish and air of general dereliction at the back of the High street is quite another story. There is quite alot of unused land behind there, and a stream. I have heard it is owned by the diocese of Rochester. There would be an amazing potential for a green park/walkway, small courtyards, small business properties and mews properties, if investment could be brought into the area. Is this something that CCRA and the new town manager would be interested in looking at. Perhaps a walk behind there with local councillors and planners would be a first objective.
    Jane Ward (resident)

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