Report issues to Bromley Council at

Bromley Council have advised Residents’ Associations in the borough that the preferred way for residents to report problems to them is through a website called .

It is really simple….

  • You enter the nearby postcode, or street name and area
  • Then enter the details of the problem (you can check to see if some else has already reported the problem)
  • Upload a photo if you wish
  • The details are sent to Bromley Council
  • You can check the status of the problem online, the Council will advise what action they are taking

There are smart phone applications for to make it even easier to report issues. Not everyone has access to the internet or smart phones so why not offer to report issues online at on behalf of your neighbours.

See current issues reported in the Copers Cope Ward at the link below.

One thought on “Report issues to Bromley Council at

  1. Anither facet life de-humanised while the unemployed/part time unemployed continue to be a huge cost instead of paying taxes.

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