Beckenham’s Bid for TfL Funds Unsuccessful

Unfortunately  the bid submitted by Bromley Council and their appointed design consultants (East) for funds from Transport for London’s (TfL) Local Implementation Plan Major Schemes programme has been unsuccessful. Beckenham will not be awarded any funding for major town centre improvements.  We understand that the scheme design submitted to TfL was acceptable, however TfL felt that given how many bids there were and the fact the London Borough of Bromley already has a major scheme funded by TfL in progress (BromleyNorthVillage) other boroughs should be looked at first. Beckenham can resubmit its bid for 2014/15 as TfL’s funding ofBromleyNorthVillage will have finished by then.

There is some good news, TfL have awarded some funds towards realigning the junction at Southend Road/Rectory Road/Albemarle Road/High Street. Plus there is still £200,000 from Bromely Council to do some smaller scale town centre improvements in Beckenham.

We will keep you updated as we find out more.

One thought on “Beckenham’s Bid for TfL Funds Unsuccessful

  1. Dear CCARA,   It is now 2 unsuccessful bids, years of work, lobbying and at least 3 years of Town Centre decline. The Council have had a negative impact with raised parking fees, failed bids, no funding or support for a heritage centre first mooted in 2005, cctv and camera cars scaring off shoppers, no farmers or crafts markets, funds lost by not holding recent Continental market, no conservation areas extended,  no resistance to infill development off high street, still no town trail, no proactive zoning or purchase of empty retail as in other parts of Britain, tamlink blight lurking on the horizon increasing congestion.. the list goes on and on and on.   Please will you now give consideration to restoring our former Beckeham Council which was removed without consultation in 1964. This way, Beckenham will benefit and not Bromley North, Bromley South and always anything to do with Bromley getting public money first!!   Regards,     Rod.   

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