Public Meeting regarding services provided at Beckenham Beacon – 2pm 7 February 2013, Harry Lyne Room, Beckenham Beacon

Public Meeting: 2pm, Thursday 7 February 2013, in the Harry Lyne Room at the Beckenham Beacon, 379 Croydon Road, Beckenham.

A statement about the future of Beckenham Beacon from Dr Andrew Parson

Dear patients and residents

As you know, since 2007 Beckenham Beacon has provided a range of well-used and much-valued NHS healthcare services for people in the north of Bromley.

In recent weeks I’ve become aware of uncertainty among some patients and residents about its future, and of claims that it will close as a result of the work being done by the Trust Special Administrator for South London Healthcare NHS Trust.

I would like to assure you that Beckenham Beacon will not close. It will continue to be a site where NHS healthcare services will be provided.

South London Healthcare NHS Trust currently occupies about 45 percent of the space. If the TSA’s recommendations for healthcare in south east London are agreed by the Government, the main change will be that South London Healthcare NHS Trust will probably no longer provide services at Beckenham Beacon.

Instead, services will be put in place by the Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group and we still plan to use Beckenham Beacon for general practice and other health services.

Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group is a group of Bromley GPs and other NHS healthcare professionals who are responsible for planning and buying services for people across Bromley.

We operate in ‘shadow’ form at the moment, but will be a statutory body from April 2013 when Bromley PCT will cease to exist.

Our plans are at an early stage, but we know that we still want to have GP and practice nurse services, access to a service dealing with minor injuries, and a range of outpatient and diagnostic services and tests such as blood tests and X-rays, delivered at Beckenham Beacon. We are also looking at options around other primary and community care services.

Our aim is to make sure that Beckenham Beacon continues to provide the kinds of services that you, your family and other residents of Bromley need: both now and in the future.

As our plans develop, we will make sure that we tell you about them. The Bromley Clinical Commissioning Committee has regular meetings in public which everyone is welcome to attend. Our next meeting will be on Thursday 7 February 2013, in the Harry Lyne Room at the Beckenham Beacon, 379 Croydon Road, Beckenham. It will start at 2pm. For more information, please visit the NHS South East London website.

Many thanks

Dr Andrew Parson
Clinical Chair
Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group

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