SCAM – Caller advises they are from BT

You receive a call, claiming to be from BT, saying you are being disconnected due to an unpaid bill.  Payment of around £30 (by credit card) is demanded and you are reminded it will cost £118.00 to reconnect at a later date.  The caller isn’t fazed if you say you are with Virgin Media (VM has to pay BT for line rental).  If asked for a name and number, the name will likely be very English but with a distinctly foreign accent and the number given is 0800 0800 152 (BT’s number is actually 0800 800 152)
The caller will “prove” he/she is from BT by suggesting you hang up and try calling someone else.  Your telephone will appear “dead”.  This is not that clever; the caller simply stays on the line with the mute button on so you can’t dial out (only the initiator can terminate a call). When you stop trying, the caller hangs up and immediately rings back.
This scam could easily fool the vulnerable and it’s not about the £30 – this would be blocked by Merchant Services – it’s all about accessing your credit card details including the Security Number so it can be used for far larger purchases!  Please pass on this warning.

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