Advice from your Safer Neighbourhood Panel (SNP)

Beckenham continues to have a low crime rate, but it’s always worth taking extra care. For instance, a number of garages, especially those tucked out of sight at the back of blocks, have recently been broken into. As a preventative measure there are several makes of ‘Garage Defenders’ you could install, or at least do get your garage contents security marked using UV pens, SmartWater or Selector DNA. The warning ‘property marked’ signs that come with these products act as good deterrents.

When you’re shopping make sure your wallet is out of sight and your bag is held securely. Don’t hang it on the trolley – you may think you’re only looking away for a moment to reach for something or peer at a price, but you’re distracted for longer than you think and your handbag could be gone when you turn back.

Over the coming weeks, your local police team has been asked to prioritise burglaries, both residential and non-residential, making extra patrols of the alleyways and accesses to garages, and robberies from individuals, especially in the High Street area.

Let us know if you have any particular priority for the local police team and we will put it forward at the next meeting of the SNP.

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