‘Beckenham Shake’ – Beckenham Green Sun 17 March 3.17pm

The Beckenham Shake is the ‘Beckenham’ version of the internet viral sensation – Harlem Shake, a craze started by a bunch of Australians on 2nd February this year and now been copied over 100,000 times on YouTube, viewed by hundreds of millions worldwide.

A bunch of locals are going to meet and film a version on Beckenham Green this Sunday 17th March at 3.17pm

It is a free to join in public film, just for fun, not a professional shoot.

Everyone is welcome to take part. You’ll need normal clothes for the first 15 seconds and then there will be a break and any outfit is welcome for the second 15 seconds. Yes the second part is supposed to be crazy!

The organisers have more information on the Beckenham Town Us and Facebook



We are not quite sure what to expect, but if you are free and up for a fun idea then why not go along, join in and enjoy, plus spread the word.

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