News regarding vacant shops on the High Street

There are 11 empty units up and down the High Street and Croydon Road – representing a vacancy rate of around 4.89% and although we have had an increase in empty units over the past six weeks, our High Street figures are still well below the national average of 14%.

Jazz –  new lease being negotiated, details not available at present time.

Fireplace shop adjacent to War Memorial – new lease agreed with “Vanilla”, a pavement café/restaurant/bar.

Zenith Windows – new lease being negotiated, details not available at present time.

The Children Society charity shop, Thomsons Travel and Blockbusters  – are empty, nothing known regarding any new lessees.

Chessington’s garage – is rumoured to be reopening as another garage,  the lease is not being advertised, no further details known. 

Fireworks shop (ex Greggs) – having work done on interior, no further details known.

PopUp Shops

Rather than shops remaining empty we would like to see them utilised as PopUp Shops until permanent tenants can be found.  If  you have contact details, or the name of the  landlord or owner, of any of the vacant units, we’d be grateful if you could let us know so we may approach them regarding putting a PopUp Shop in their premises.


3 thoughts on “News regarding vacant shops on the High Street

  1. Bromley Council has also ignored two positive suggestions for bringing more trade to Beckenham. It has been put to them that Beckenham should have celebratory weekends based on our famous residents such as David Bowie and Enid Blyton. Extra footfall for the town centre generated bu such events would be
    Meanwhile money is being poured into Bromley Town centre and Beckenham neglected or merely has black tarmac slapped down
    as along by Dean’s Garage!
    Our Council taxes result in little spending and very poor representation by local politicians.
    Rod Reed

  2. Totally agree with Mr.Whyte’s comment- parking discounts should be introduced to boost trade but Bromley will not budge. Tiem to work towards a new Council for Beckenham that undertands local trade and the need to revive the High Street in a recession with action not levies!
    Rod Reed

  3. Unfortunately the rate of retail business faliures will continue until Bromley Council reduces its business rates. Currently the council taxes small shops at £6000 p.a. The council does nothing in return for this money. This sum does not even include refuse collection.
    High st customers are also deterred by the High cost of parking and the extortionate fines should they be a few minutes late in returning to their cars. A more community based approach is required from the council. This must go beyond merely harvesting residents and businesses for income in the form of fines and taxes.

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