Beckenham Beacon Stakeholder Discussion Group Meeting May 2013

In May we attended the first Beckenham Beacon Stakeholder Discussion Group. We would like to think this group was a result of the Public Meeting our Association held with West Beck RA about the future of the Beacon in Nov 2012 and the huge turn out of residents – your support really made a difference. Apologies for being late on reporting this, but there was a delay on the Minutes.

The main purpose of the Group is to review current health services provided at the Beckenham Beacon and consider how these services (and others) can be developed to fully utilise the site. The Group mainly consists of health professionals and GPs, and both our Association and West Beckenham Residents’ Association attend to represent residents. The Beacon is currently occupied by the following organisations:

  • Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group 13% (office and meeting space, Patient Referral Centre)
  • South London NHS Trust 45.50% – this is the part that will be taken over by King’s College Hospital (Children’s Outpatients, Pain Clinic office, Physiotherapy & Surgical Appliances, Community Midwives, and offices, some of which are unused)
  • Bromley Healthcare 24.30% (Speech and Language Therapy, Bromley Wellbeing, District Nursing/Health Visiting)
  • Elm House Surgery 9.54%
  • Cator Medical Centre 6.84%
  • Bite cafe 0.74%

There was much discussion on unused space in the Beacon and under utilised space that could be used better. The main question is what to fill it with? The Group has asked us to canvass residents on what services they would like to see in the Beacon:

  • What existing services would you like to see expanded or have longer opening hours?
  • What new services would you like to see in the Beacon?
  • There may also be some services you would prefer to be moved out of the Beacon. Perhaps other sites have better facilities or perhaps you already have to go to another site for one part of your care and would prefer to have all your care done on one site.

The following suggestions and points were raised at the meeting:

  • Concerns were raised that Radiology (xray) and Diagnostics Department may not continue. It was assured that King’s are interested in providing these services but are unsure about the demand, due to a lack of data from SLHT they will need to undertake a scoping exercise. King’s are not intending to expand the Radiology service at this point but it may be an option longer term. It was noted that Radiology could benefit from an improved appointment system. Radiology services should also be open at the weekends, at present patients attending the Minor Injuries Unit or Urgent Care Centre at the weekend have to be sent to the PHUH for an xray.
  • Blood services have no appointment system and consequently patients often experience long waits. It was noted that the Blood services is usually quieter in the afternoon, however patients may not be aware of this. The complexities of implementing an appointment system were discussed, we asked that at minimum there should be morning and afternoon appointment blocks.
  • The children’s blood service should be in the same department as adults, currently children are treated separately. The BCCG is looking into setting up cardiology services, diagnostics and community clinics at the Beacon.
  • Cardiology and cardiac rehab is a top priority to be put into the Beacon.
  • Neurology services will be provided by King’s at the Beacon.
  • It has been raised whether antenatal services remain and the Beacon and King’s have suggested a full scoping exercise to find out demand. • We asked that the Urgent Care Centre have extended hours up to 10pm (12pm was discussed but was not possible).
  • We asked for a Fracture Clinic, noting the long journey to the PRUH for anyone with a fracture and the many sports clubs in Beckenham.
  • We raised the issue of car parking, ie not enough and payment on exit. It was advised that it is unlikely anything can be done as this had been fully explored as part of the new build and that planning restrictions would prevent what is required for a pay on exit system.
  • We raised whether inpatient beds will be provided at the Beacon and it was confirmed that Intermediate beds would not be put at the Beacon as they would require a host of additional services not provided at the site.
  • There is still an Audiology Department but no Audiologist, it was advised that there is scope to improve this as this is under used.
  • Learning Disability service was requested.
  • Sexual Health patients complain of appointment slots and long waits to be seen, extended appointments requested.
  • Dermatology services need extended hours on Saturdays to meet demand.
  • Physiotherapy services requested as Orpington hospital where they are currently provided is closing.
  • Ophthalmology requested as Orpington hospital where they are currently provided is closing.
  • Holiday jabs service requested.
  • One stop Social Care Service requested.
  • Children & Young People Services requested.

This discussion group is your opportunity to have your say about the services provided in the Beacon. Please email us at with your comments and we will pass on your comments to the Group at the next meeting in July

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