Council Plans for transport in Beckenham

Bromley Council are considering lobbying for an extension of the DLR from Lewisham to Bromley, extension of the Tramlink to Crystal Palace and  then a link from Beckenham junction to Bromley. It was noted the Tramlink extention from Beckenham Junction to Bromley was likely to be some way into the furture and that getting the DLR extended to Bromley was the highest priority. See link below for further information, page 13 of the Environment Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee Report of 16 April 2013.


Improved transport links are much welcomed, however some residents have expressed concerns about linking Beckenham and Bromley by tram, as the route will likely go through the residential roads  in the Beckenham Place Park Conservation Area and the 227 bus route already covers this route well already. Others would like to see improved train links from Beckenham Junction to Clapham Junction and  more direct trains from Beckenham Junction to Blackfriars/Kings Cross St Pancras at peak times (especially in the evening). Please let us know your views to pass on to our Councillors, email


One thought on “Council Plans for transport in Beckenham

  1. A tramlink from Beckenham to Bromley would cause massive damage to the environment, loss of trees, create congestion and damage Beckenham High Street trade during the several years of construction. We have buses and rail links so not need for trams.

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