Distraction burglary warning

Bromley Police are urging residents to be alert after receiving reports of six distraction burglary across the borough during the last two weeks.

The distraction burglaries occur when a youth in his early teens calls at an address with a man who he states is his uncle, claiming he has lost a football/toy over the fence in the victim’s garden. While the victim is assisting the youth looking for his ‘lost item’ the man steals cash/jewellery in the house.

The teenager is described as white, approximately 5’3” tall, fat with black, cropped hair. The man with him is described as white, approximately 5’9” tall, stout and bald.

Police are urging residents to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity immediately, using 999 if the person is still in the vicinity or if they believe the suspects may be targeting vulnerable householders in the area. Alternatively call 101 if you have information you wish to pass to officers.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Furphy from Bromley Police said “Be cautious when dealing with any unexpected calls or visits. Be alert for stories which may be a trick to get you to leave your home, to get you to let the caller into your property or if someone appears to be attempting to distract you.

Don’t be pressured into letting someone into your home if you have suspicions about them. If you are not sure, don’t open the door. Genuine visitors will not mind you telling them to return when you have a relative, or friend with you.

Please also bear in mind that representatives from water, gas and electric companies are unlikely to call at your home without an appointment and police are likely to be present if there is a real emergency”.

One thought on “Distraction burglary warning

  1. I think I had an attempted burglary yesterday. Someone attempted to enter via an upstairs window over my flat garage roof. A ladder was used and I heard walking on the garage roof. Luckily I had just that second shut the window as about to leave the house. I thought it was my window cleaner but there was no sign of anyone with a ladder when I went to front door. I went to next road which has similar houses. Lots of windows open of course in this heat. There was a metallic blue car with roof rack and ladders and sign on side saying WINDOW CLEANER and a mobile number. All windows and front door were open and a bloke on mobile – all looked very suspicious. I drove further along and other bloke got in car and commenced to shadow me – parked when I parked. I got pen out of bag to write details and he drove off. Other guy still on mobile. I called police and support sent (two community policemen). By the time they arrived (actually very quickly!) the bloke on mobile also disappeared and when I returned later the front door had been closed. I do not know the outcome of this but have been summarily warned!! So please beware of ‘window cleaners’.

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