Message from Safer Neighbourhood Team – stealing cycles from garages and sheds

Across London there has been a growing trend of stealing cycles from garages and sheds. Cycle owners should be vigilant to this type of crime and be aware of the benefits of two good quality locks placed on cycles (as thieves generally carry only one type of tool) and securing them to an immovable object. Audible sheds alarms are also a great deterrent and please lock away tools.

To successfully deal with this type of crime the police need information as to where these stolen cycles are being taken to and sold from. Residents should contact the police if they become aware of any premises (residential or other) where different cycles are being regularly seen. A recent arrest found a male with 3 stolen cycles in the living room of his flat and he was busy filing off the serial numbers.

Many stolen cycles are being sold through the Internet. Cycle enthusiasts who regularly visit specialists sites can help the police combat this type of crime by reporting web activity and adverts which lead them to believe stolen cycles are being sold.

Anyone having information or concerns should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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