Safer Neighbourhood Panel Meeting Update Sept 2013

At the September Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting our Copers Cope Ward dedicated Police Officer confirmed that it’s all change for the policing system. However there was no clear explanation yet of how the merging of six Wards is going to affect the local panels apart from the reassurance that dedicated officers will be retained. We hope to bring you a clear explanation after the December meeting.

Meanwhile, whilst crime rates remain low level, there were a total of seventeen burglaries in the Ward between end of July and mid-September, nine of these from residences and garages. So do check windows and doors are secured, especially at the rear of property, and see if you can improve the security or lighting on your garage.

With more than twenty motor vehicle crimes reported over this period, this is still an issue. Some of these were theft of number plates, so if you don’t have them already, consider changing to tamper-proof nuts for your plates.

Two local policing priorities were set for the next period up to mid-December, namely burglaries, and drunk & disorderly behaviour, especially around the High Street, on The Green, and on Sainsbury’s forecourt.

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