1 hour free parking at Sainsbury’s Beckenham with instore spend

Starting on Tuesday 01 October 2013 Beckenham Sainsbury’s will refund 50p (1 hour) worth of parking when you spend £10 instore. The new tickets issued at their
Village Way car park will be in two parts, one for proof of parking and the other is a coupon to bring into store.

Sainsbury’s in Beckenham has 265 parking spaces so plenty of room for shoppers wishing to take advantage of the refundable parking.

2 thoughts on “1 hour free parking at Sainsbury’s Beckenham with instore spend

  1. I live close to Sainsbury’s car park and have found that several times a week this car park is being used as a race track between the hours of approx. 10.30 and midnight. I have made a complaint to Bromley as the the screeching of brakes and squealing of tyres is deafening plus the potential danger is unacceptable. If anyone else is aware of this I would be grateful if my complaint could be backed up.

  2. This is a good scheme for Sainsbury’s but will not benefit small traders and retailers in Beckenham High Street. A discounted parking scheme is needed in Twon Centre car parks, Bromley Council can afford it having £660 million in total reserves, fidning £1.5 million for Bromley North alone.

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