Junction Road Improvements (High Street & Southend Road)

Residents will be pleased to know a scheme to improve the junction at High Street, Southend Road, Albemarle Road and Rectory Road has been approved by the Council and will be funded by TfL.

The reworking of the junction will give HGVs a larger turning space when turning from Rectory Road over the Bridge to stop them mounting the pavement (making is safer for pedestrians) and getting stuck in the junction (making it safer for pedestrians to cross and avoiding traffic congestion). Currently the design does not widen the pavement outside the Locksmiths which is too narrow, although the bollards and dumbbells will be removed. We raised the blind corner by the Locksmiths with the Council and also whether the pavement will be levelled and resurfaced along this stretch. They have agreed to look at this in the final detailed design, but noted the more the pavement is widened the less space for HGV turning.  We will keep you updated.

The report and design can be viewed at the links below.

Map of Junction Improvements

Report on Junction Improvements


One thought on “Junction Road Improvements (High Street & Southend Road)

  1. This is a disastrous scheme envisaging increased freight along Rectory Road and increasing the number of lorries using a difficult turn into the Southend Road direction. Cyclists most at risk, no provision in the scheme. Congestion/pollution will also increase at this point.

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