Building, roof and gutter repair scam warning

Trading Standards are asking residents to look out for itinerant traders who are cold calling residents offering roof and guttering repairs. There are believed to be up to four cases of bogus building scams involving elderly consumers. In each case the victim was persuaded to hand over large sums of cash for supposed deposits for the hire of equipment allegedly needed to continue with the repairs. The equipment has been described as dehumidifiers, specialist equipment to support roof joists and chimney supports. None of the work was necessary. The equipment does not exist.

The descriptions are vague other than they are white males, in some cases with Irish and south London accents. On one occasion one of the men was described as being very big, around 18 stones. On three occasions a white van was used and the men were wearing high viz waistcoats. In two cases scaffolding was erected to give the impression work was being carried out.

Trading Standards and Police are investigating the links between these offences but in the meantime if you spot any neighbours having any work done which was not planned, or you just want us to check them out then please call the trading standards rapid response number 07903 852 090.

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