£1000 a month shared between local causes from Waitrose

Beckenham organisations are invited to apply to Waitrose’s Green Token Scheme and get funding for local projects. Waitrose are always on the look out for local charities and organisations to benefit from the Green Token Scheme.  £1000 is split between the three nominations of the month in the proportions shown  by the number of Green Tokens shoppers have dropped  in the collection boxes.

Waitrose can support local charities and organisations that fall under the following:

  • Arts and culture – support for arts and cultural institutions e.g. music, theatre groups, festivals, museums and public galleries.
  • Economic development – contributions to activities that promote economic development e.g. regeneration or job creation projects.
  • Education and young people – contributions to schools and universities and other projects or organisations that work with or promote the needs of young people.
  • Emergency relief – contributions to disaster relief efforts in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands.
  • Environment – contributions to projects or organisations that support or protect the environment, including animals and wildlife.
  • Health – contributions to hospitals, health trusts and other health related activities including medical research and medical support or care.
  • Social welfare – support for organisations addressing issues such as the homeless, legal support, domestic violence, drug related support, older people, disability and counselling and support for the general community.

So if you are a local organisation that needs funding for a good cause why not ask in store for further details.

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