Bromley Community Engagement Forum amalgamated into the new Safer Neighbourhood Board

Our Association attended the last Bromley Community Engagement Forum (BCEF) on 17th March. The BCEF has been amalgamated into the Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB). Much praise was given for the organisation that has regularly brought key people of the community together and instigated initiatives such as the Crime Summit, Youth and Specialist Schools Conferences, and Community Outreach Days.

The new Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Chris Hafford, attended to introduce himself and take questions despite it being his first day in post, and described some of his previous experience in Bexley, Southwark and Greenwich within the community context.

Moving to the changeover, Cllr Tim Stevens (BCEF Exec & Portfolio Holder for Community Safety) explained the format and constitution of the new Safer Neighbourhood Board are still being worked on. Four members of the outgoing BCEF Executive Committee will be joining the SNB when it officially starts in April 2014, with BCEF Chairman Terry Belcher becoming SNB Vice-Chair, and BCEF Operations Manager Amanda Evans transferring her role to the SNB.

The intention is to continue with established events, such as the Crime Summit, Awards Evening and Public Meetings, but to be more localised. Six meetings per year are to be held in different venues around the Borough to hold the Safer Neighbourhood Partnership to account and to discuss local issues, with relevant people providing information. Bromley Officers will be present only if invited to provide information. Cllr Stevens said, ‘the Board will have to listen to and represent residents’.

The Copers Cope Residents’ Association has offered to host one of these meetings for Beckenham. We will let you know when and where in due course.

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