Beckenham Junction/Kent House/Penge East to lose St Pancras and beyond rail service

Beckenham Junction/Kent House/Penge East is set to lose its train services to St Pancras and beyond. Existing Thameslink services will terminate at Blackfriars.

Last week the new franchise for Thameslink and Great Northern (TSGN) was announced with a network map depicting that services from Beckenham Junction to St Pancras and beyond will not run for the whole term of the franchise. See links below.

New Thameslink Franchise

Network map

We contacted the Department for Transport and Bromley Council for clarification. As part of the Thameslink and Great Northern (TSGN) franchise consultation in Summer 2012, South West London were successful in lobbying to ensure the Wimbledon Loop services were maintained through the central London core as part of the new Thameslink line during peak hours. This means that other peak services from the South, including those from Beckenham Junction will terminate at Blackfriars.  Could this service capacity not have been shared between Beckenham Junction and the Wimbledon Loop?

Further, when the new South Eastern Franchise is renewed in 2018, this service is to be moved from Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern (TSGN) to the new franchise and there is no guarantee that the reduced service from Beckenham Junction to Blackfriars will remain.

We have asked our Councillors to lobby for improved commuter rail services from Beckenham and to save our St Pancras and beyond services from Beckenham Junction. You can register your objection to the cessation of the St Pancras and beyond service below.

Save train services from Beckenham Junction to St Pancras and beyond

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