Review of Neurology Services – local feedback from patients and carers needed

Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)  is currently reviewing the Neurology Services across the borough and is seeking the view of patients and carers about the current service. Currently Neurology Services are delivered in a range of healthcare settings and while the individual services are good, the feedback suggests that they are fragmented and do not provide seamless care.  Those affected locally are encouraged to provide feedback as over the coming months the CCG and Kings College Hospital are looking at what additional services can be provided from the Beckenham Beacon.

To provide feedback please answer the following questions and return by email to either Astrid Holness ( or Bhumika Mittal (

Neurology Services Feedback

  • What Neurological condition does your family have experience of?
  • How old is the patient?
  • What services do you access for family members?
  • What are your views of the services?
  • What things are working well?
  • What things can be improved?
  • As a carer do you feel supported? If so, by which agency; if not, tell us what you would like to see happening
  • What happens to your family member if you become unwell?


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