Southend Road Bridge receives a ‘community facelift’

A fewwall months ago Network Rail undertook some repair to the brickwork on the bridge. However they left it unpainted and unsightly. Copers Coper Area Residents’ Association (CCARA) wrote to Network Rail to enquire when they would be repainting the bridge and were surprised when Network Rail said they had no intention of doing so, it was to be left like this…

Not happy with this outcome CCARA offered to buy the paint and paint it ourselves. After much to-ing and fro-ing Network Rail finally gave permission. Risk Assessments done and paint purchased we needed some volunteers. As luck would have it Citygate Church had a team of community volunteers coming to Beckenham and they offered to paint the bridge.   CCARA would like to thank Citygate Church and Beckenham’s Town Centre Manager for helping us with this project. The bridge now looks clean and fresh.




2 thoughts on “Southend Road Bridge receives a ‘community facelift’

  1. The brickwork is London yellow stock bricks – albeit smoke-blackened – but was repaired with about 50 cheap bright red bricks! The correct bricks should have been used in the first place and the dirty originals sand-blasted to make an attractive approach to Beckenham town centre.

  2. The Bridge still looks awfuf, simply toshing black paint over it is no substitute for proper brick restoration- compare Grove Park Bridge for a quality job that Beckenham deserves. The street is deadened by all this black paint and black tarmac walkways. Efforts should be made to get the railway to restore our heritage bridge that dates from 1856.
    The Station should also be properly listed in view of its unique history and literary associations.
    Again, Beckenham assets are not being suitably protected!!

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