New independent cafe at 183 High Street

The old Thomson travel agent on the corner by the entrance to Sainsbury’s is due to open up as an independent cafe called Nineteen Fourteas.

It would be wonderful if they are able to have some alfresco tables in the Sainsbury’s forecourt.


2 thoughts on “New independent cafe at 183 High Street

  1. Surely a smart coffee house is better than an empty shop? Looks like a lot of effort has gone into the frontage, good luck to Nineteen Forteas and welcome to Beckenham. From what I see, Crystal Palace is faring well on its plethora of restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, which appear to have led to an increase in retail outlets.

  2. No CCARA should be campaigning for more retail and fewer restaurants. It would not be wonderful if the new restaurant clutters up the walkway with new tables- what would be refreshing would be a new proper Council backed A3 saturation policy controlling the increase in restaurants. Discounted parking also needed to help the town.

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