Bakerloo Tube Extension to Beckenham – Public Consultation ends 7 Dec 2014

TfL plan to extend the Bakerloo line to Beckenham and Bromley. It will cost £2-3 billion, work would start in 2023 finishing by 2030 and it will need private funding from developers building residential and commercial developments along the proposed extension. A public consultation is underway and ends on 7 December 2014.  Local people can have their say at:

Bakerloo MapWhat will it mean for us?

This depends on which option TfL implement:
Extend the Bakerloo as far as Lewisham only.
Local residents can change onto the Tube at Lewisham. There will be no change to existing rail services from Beckenham, West Wickham, Bromley and Hayes.
Extend the Bakerloo as far as Hayes and Beckenham Junction
The Tube will run along the Charing Cross to Hayes rail line and the existing overground Southeastern Rail service will be lost. Residents travelling to London Bridge and Cannon Street who previously used South Eastern will need to change from the Bakerloo line to National Rail at Lewisham.  For Beckenham Junction existing National Rail services to Victoria and London Bridge will remain unchanged, the Bakerloo line will be an additional service as it will run along the currently unused track to New Beckenham.   There will be more trains if the Bakerloo line is extended. On the Hayes line there would be 15 Tube trains an hour  compared with 4 at present,  and on the Beckenham Junction line there would be 6 tube trains an hour in addition to the current National Rail trains.
Extend the Bakerloo as far as Bromley
This can only happen if the Bakerloo line is extended along the Hayes National Rail line and will involve a new tunnel being dug. The option to go as far as Bromley is only a possibility at this stage, TfL have no commitments to go this far.

What do local people think?

We are keen for your views, please let us know by emailing

We have been flooded with comments about this proposal from local people. The main points raised are listed below. Please let us know any new points so we can share them.
  • More trains per hour.
  • Increased capacity which will be needed by 2030.
  • Shorter journey times claimed by TfL.
  • More flexibility of being on the Tube network.
  • Will bring commerce and business into the local area.
  • Loss of National Rail services and no direct service to London Bridge and Cannon Street.
  • Replacing National Rail from Hayes will free up platforms at London Bridge, our loss – another area’s gain. Why can’t additional trains be run on the existing National Rail line?
  • If rail line is lost it cannot be considered at part of the CrossRail 3 project from SE London to NW London.
  • Arrival at Charing Cross is less convenient underground than current arrival at street level.
  • Tube journey may take longer, slower trains.
  • Tube trains have 25% less seats per carriage and are only 8 carriages long, commuters will more likely need stand.
  • Its is unlikely TfL will run 15 half empty trains per hour  to Hayes, with many trains will stop short closer to London Beckenham and West Wickham residents will not likley see an increase in train frequency.
  • Service disruption due to TfL strikes and no rail option.
  • Unstaffed stations, current policy is to reduce staffing at Tube stations.
  • Lack of amenity on Tube trains, no toilets, less seating, heat in summer, cannot take cycles on.
  • Overcrowding once past Lewisham.
  • Effort of change to National Rail at Lewisham and likelihood of standing for remaining journey into London.
  • Cost, disruption and timescale of the project
  • Over development which cannot be supported.  The plan is for the Bakerloo line to support local development which means more people, more high density housing, and more pressure on local infrastructure such as schools, GPs etc.
  • Change of character of local area – people choose to live in Bromley as it is relatively low rise with green spaces.
  • Does Beckenham West Wickham and Hayes need a Tube line? Will housing and population grown over the next 15 years warrant the Tube. Should the Tube run to high growth areas like Lewisham and  Bromley Town Centre on independent track and in so doing maintaining the capacity of the National Rail line to Hayes.
  • Are there different, less expensive alternatives to improve transport in the borough?

Let’s make this a balanced debate, all points of view welcome, email

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