Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel Oct 2014

Our Association is on the panel, news from the latest meeting below.

Crime figures for the Copers Cope ward continue to fall overall, although there have been a number of thefts from garages recently and domestic burglaries with entry through the rear of the property. The main problem, however, remains anti-social behaviour, but the police are concentrating on tackling this.

Our ward police team have had their shifts changed so they now finish at 4am, with frequent personal calls to check licensed premises and a special ‘rowdy patrol bus’ of up to seven officers maintaining a presence out every weekend.

Also, Operation Equinox is an ongoing Met-wide tactic with teams devoted to targeting ‘violence with injury’ crime.

In Beckenham town centre and surrounding area the emphasis over the next few months will be on preventing shop lifting and theft from persons – crimes that tend to increase over the winter/Christmas season. Police officers will be giving maximum support and advice to local businesses, but everyone can help prevent crime by taking greater care with wallets, bags and possessions.

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