Closure of Beckenham Public Toilets looms, again- Have your say.

Local residents successfully campaigned  against the Council’s proposed closure of Beckenham’s public toilets in 2010. Unfortunately the closure is back on the agenda again and the future of Beckenham’s public convenience will be discussed at the Environmental Services Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee next year (Tuesday 20th Jan 2015).

The Council has already closed most conveniences elsewhere in the borough. Only Beckenham, West Wickham, Bromley Town and Penge remain. Penge is currently being considered by the Council for closure, with a final decision expected next week.

In place of public conveniences the Council are running the “Community Toilets” scheme, where local businesses  are paid to allow members of the public to use their facilities  ordinarily reserved for patrons.  Bromley Council have already introduced the “Community Toilets” scheme in Beckenham and have been paying for this alongside the public toilets for a number of years.  We have over the years received a number of complaints about the “Community Toilets”  not being up to scratch or not being accessible. The public toilets have been well maintained and well used.

If you value having public conveniences in the town centre let the Chair of the Environmental Services Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee, the Portfolio Holder  and our local councillors know. You can write to them at Bromley Civic Centre, BR1 3UH or email as per the details below.

  • Cllr William Huntington-Thresher (Chair of the Environment PDS Committee) – email:
  • Cllr Colin Smith (Executive Portfolio-Holder for the Environment) – email:
  • Copers Cope Ward Councillors – emails:,,

2 thoughts on “Closure of Beckenham Public Toilets looms, again- Have your say.

  1. The three public notices now erected in innocuous small print, high on posts, formally request comments to: (which is the Customer Services Centre)
    by Thursday 15th January 2015
    or by post to Nigel Davies, Executive Director of Environment & Community Services, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close Bromley BR1 3UH

    (You can of course lobby Councillors or write to officials at any time).

    I presented a hastily-collected petition of over 300 signatures from the public and High St traders opposing the closure of Penge public toilets but the Council’s Executive Committee declined to accede to this public request.
    Writing may have more impact – assuming the Council is actually listening.
    Bromley’s motto ‘Servire populo’ – is roughly: ‘We serve the people’!
    The Council seeks ‘savings’ by cutting annual maintenence cost (of about £25k) and asset sales. This is by closing public toilets and selling or demolishing them – to save maintenance and business rates even on toilets, in use or not.
    I suspect that the toilets and the stunning flower gardens on this prominent corner location, which also serves families visiting Kelsey Park, would be an attractive proposition for flattening both and developing the site to the height of the adjoining 4 and 5-storey offices.
    If you, like me, think that these long-standing, purpose-built public toilets should continue to serve the public and enhance the attractiveness of Beckenham High Street as a place of choice to visit, and to spend time in, and that public toilets support visitors and customers in maintaining the viabilty and vitality of the High St, then please email or write to all the above elected members.
    Over £5m is being spent on street works in Bromley North ‘Village’, and £3.25m in Beckenham – but essentials, at comparatively small annual cost, such as public toilets are proposed to be closed.
    Nick Goy

  2. I have written to Bromley suggesting once again that advertising revenue is increased at Beckenham conveniences from corporate advertising boards to ensure the long term future of this key community asset.
    Rod Reed

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