Baroque Concertos – ‘A taste of Italy’ – Sat 9th May 2015 7.45pm, St George’s Church

St George’s Chamber Orchestra (SGCO) presents Baroque Concertos – ‘A taste of Italy’ – Saturday 09th May 2015 7.45pm

  • Corelli Concerto Grosso Op.6 no.1 in D
  • Alessandro Scarlatti Concerto Grosso no.1 in F minor
  • Vivaldi Concerto for 2 violins ”per eco in lontano” RV 552
  • Albinoni Sinfonia in C Op.2 no.3
  • Locatelli Concerto Grosso in C minor Op.1 no.2
  • Vivaldi Concerto for Violin in Eb ‘La Tempesta di Mare’ RV 253
  • Solo Violin: Patrick Savage
  • Director and Solo Violin: Dominic Moore

Find out more about the SGCO at

Book in advance from The Beckenham Bookshop and St. George’s Church Office (Monday to Friday until 3.30pm). Best seats will be reserved for pre-concert sales. Tickets also available on-line at on the door.

St. George’s Church is on the corner of High Street and Bromley Road Beckenham BR3 1AX.

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