Beckenham Toilets to be sold – community right to buy bid by 14 August 2015

Bromley Council have confirmed their intention to dispose of the old Beckenham Toilet block at Thornton’s Corner.

We asked the Council for the exact particulars of what will be sold and they have advised:

The exact demise and rights of way have not been finalised yet… details will be made clear in the sales particulars that will also be sent to any eligible community group interested in bidding. However the demise is unlikely to include the raised flower beds at the front of the building and a pedestrian right of way to the building will be included.”

The Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association successfully registered the building as an Asset of Community Value. This means the Council have to offer the community the right to buy/make a bid on the building to the community before selling commercially.

An intention to bid by a community group must be made to the Council by 14 August 2015.  Those that have bid then have 6 months to actually arrange and make the bid. During the month period the Council cannot sell or dispose of the building other than to a community group that have bid under the right to buy scheme.  After the six month period the Council will choose which bid to accept, this does not have to be the community bid.

In order to make a bid under the right to buy scheme you have to be either:

(a) A charity
(b) A community interest company
(c) A company limited by guarantee that is non profit distributing
(d) An industrial and provident society that is non profit distributing

Unincorporated community groups such as the Copers Cope Area Resident’s Association cannot make a bid, but if you have a great idea for the building don’t let that put you off as its pretty simple to set up a community interest company.

Potential bidders can find further information below.  Please get in touch with us at as we would love to help changing this building into something great for the community.



One thought on “Beckenham Toilets to be sold – community right to buy bid by 14 August 2015

  1. Whether it be the public toilets, which for decades served the High St and Kelsey Park visitors, or the delightful landmark corner flower beds, it seems to me that Bromley Council knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

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