Location of Beckenham Starbucks revealed

You may recall back in April the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association spotted an advert hiring staff for a new Startbucks in Beckenham. There has been much speculation as to where the coffee shop will be located and Starbucks have been tight lipped. 

A planning application for change of use from retail to food has revealed that Starbucks will be going into the old Kitchen Range shop next to the closed Ardec shop.

There is also a planning application in to change Ardec to a restaurant. 

2 thoughts on “Location of Beckenham Starbucks revealed

  1. Hoping Ardec does not turn in to ANOTHER Turkish/Mediterranean grill style restaurant – how many does a town need?

  2. How many more retail units does Beckenham have to lose before CCARA wakes up and supports an A3 saturation policy controlling the number of food outlets as successfully adopted in Blackheath. CCARA has been alerted to this growing problem but does nothing.

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