Copers Cope Police Newsletter October 2015

Hello and thank you for reading this months Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) newsletter.

The team details and ward map along with other useful information can be accessed at

Your team includes

  • PS 12py Steve King, Sergeant
  • PC 128py Steve Allen, Dedicated Ward Officer ( DWO )
  • PCSO 7256py Julie Oldfield, Dedicated Ward Officer ( DWO )

Street Surgery

Come and talk to your local Officers and discuss your concerns and for crime prevention information. Our next surgeries are on the following dates:

  • Saturday 17th October 2015 between 10.00 a.m & 11.00 a.m at Waitrose Southend Road.
  • Wednesday 11th November 2015 between 11.00 a.m & 12.00 p.m at Waitrose Southend Road
  • Friday 4th December 2015 between 5.00 p.m & 6.00 p.m at Waitrose Southend Road


Our ward priorities are:

  • Burglary
  • Motor vehicle crime
  • Robbery – personal property

Our promises are:

  • ASB related to alcohol
  • Shoplifting
  • Traffic

We are currently suffering from vehicle crime in the Copers Cope area. The majority of these vehicles have been vans belonging to people working on building sites in the area. Most of these have been victim to theft of tools however there has also been a couple of vans stolen where the victim has left keys unattended. Please remove all valuables and do not leave your keys with your vehicle.

There had been a few burglaries in October the majority have been garage or shed burglaries. There has also been a few attempted burglaries.

The Police in Bromley are still conducting operations in the worse affected areas for both burglary and motor vehicle crimes.

Crime Prevention Burglary

Front Door Security: Doors should be solid timber, not hollow, a minimum of 44mm thick, supported by three 100mm ( 4” ) hinges. The frame to be of sound timber, securely bolted or screwed to the walls every 600mm ( 23” ) around the whole frame.

– Fit a good automatic deadlocking latch cylinder lock a third of the way down the door.

– Fit a British Standard 3621 mortise deadlock with boxed staple a third of the way up the door ( avoiding joints in the timber ).

– Strengthen the door frame with metal reinforcement. A “ London Bar “ on the lock side and a “ Birmingham Bar “ on the hinge side.

– Fit a letterbox cowl / basket to prevent fishing for keys or access to lock handles.

Back Doors: Fit a British Standard 3621 mortise sash lock halfway up the door ( avoiding joints in the timber ).

– Fit key operated bolts to top ( max height 1.5m ( 4’ 11” ) and bottom of the door.

– Reinforce any weak door panels with either sheet metal or 9mm plywood.

Double French Doors: Fit key operated bolts to the top and bottom of each door securing it to the frame.

– Fit hinge bolts or interlocking hinges to any outward opening door.

Patio Doors: Fit patio door locks at the top and bottom of the opening section of the patio door.

– Fit an anti-lifting device to prevent the door being lifted and moved.

Window Security:

Sash Windows: Fit 2 key operated sash stops to the upper window. The maximum window opening should be 100mm ( 4” ) to allow ventilation when the house is occupied.

Casement ( Hinged ) Windows: Fit key operated locks on the opening side. If replacing windows fit those that have achieved British Standard 7950 and have laminated glass 6.4mm thick in ground floor and accessible windows.

Gardens: Secure your rear gardens by locking gates and fixing trellis to the top of fences. Trellis should support climbing plants but not climbing intruders.

Sheds: Secure your shed or ensure that tools that may prove useful for breaking in ( e.g. forks and spades ) are secured elsewhere.

Please if you can take simple steps to help prevent these offences take place, lock all windows and doors of your house even if you leave for just a few minutes. If you have an alarm please use it.


When you leave your car please lock it and use your alarm or immobiliser if you have one and take any valuables with you.

Mobile Phones

Please consider using the immobilise website to register your mobile phone. It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s completely free. If your phone is lost or stolen you’re much more likely to get it back and possibly help catch a thief as well.

Cash Point Machines

Please be aware of your surroundings if and when you use a cash point machine. Be vigilant of people near you when entering your PIN and don’t allow yourself to be distracted if some body tries to talk to you whilst you are using the cash point. If uncertain, use another machine.

Pedal Cycles

Please remember to lock your bikes and consider getting it security etched and registered.

Further crime prevention information is available from and follow the link to Crime Prevention.


Copers Cope work closely with Trading Standards if you have been or know someone who may have been a victim of a rogue trader or any mass marketing scam then please report this to the Police.

If you think you have a rogue trader at your front door call Bromley Trading Standards on their rapid response number 07903852090.

Neighbourhood Watch

Copers Cope ward would like to have a neighbourhood watch co-ordinator(s) on every street. If you know of anyone who wishes to take part please find information on

If you know anyone who has set up a neighbourhood watch please can you send me their e-mail address so I can send them our monthly letter.

Panel Members

We are looking for local residents to join our ward panel. There are 4 meetings a year and panel members help decide on the wards promises and discuss local issues.

If you would like to have your say on how your local community is policed please contact us for details.

Local Information

If there is any information you would like to share with the Copers Cope safer neighbourhood team and residents of Beckenham in relation to crime then please e-mail us using the address on the bottom of this letter.

Local Events

There was a market on Beckenham Green on Saturday 19th September. There were many stalls, rides for the kids and entertainment from the stage and a horse display. Many residents came along during the day.

The next market will be taking place on Beckenham Green Saturday 5th December.

Thank you for your time reading this letter, if we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible and we will be more than happy to help.

If you need police for an urgent matter where you are in danger or fear always dial 999. If you wish to see a police officer for a non emergency matter, then please dial 101

Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Team Telephone 0208 721 2772

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