Bogus Charity Collections for TackleAfrica

It has come to the charity’s attention that some groups of young people have been approaching members of the public ​​for cash donations in TackleAfrica’s name on​ Bromley​ streets and doorsteps. These people are not​ ​representing TackleAfrica and money they raise does not go to the charity.

The charity TackleAfrica trains African coaches to use fun, interactive football drills with the young people in their clubs and communities. The charity does this because many young people in Africa love football, but their location and their age means they’re most at risk of contracting HIV.

Please note that TackleAfrica never advises or condones public, street or doorstep cash-collecting from fundraisers taking part in Football Marathons or other TackleAfrica events/fundraising activity.

Cash-collecting from the public is a licensable activity, and the charity would never advise or condone that young people approach strangers for sponsorship for ethical and safety reasons.

If you are approached in this way, please report the activity through the Action Fraud website: or helpline 0300 123 2040, inform your local police or community support officer, or call the police non-emergency number 101.

If you have concerns or would like more information please contact

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