Copers Cope Police Newsletter March 2016

Hello and thank you for reading this months Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) newsletter.

The team details and ward map along with other useful information can be accessed at

Your team includes

  • PS 12py Steve King, Sergeant
    PC 128py Steve Allen, Dedicated Ward Officer ( DWO )
  • PCSO 7256py Julie Oldfield, Dedicated Ward Officer ( DWO )

Street Surgery

Our next surgeries are on the following date:

  • Wednesday 23rd March 2016 between 2.00 p.m & 3.00 p.m at Waitrose Southend Road

Come and talk to your local Officers and discuss your concerns and for crime prevention information.


Our ward priorities are:

  • Burglary
  • Motor vehicle crime
  • Robbery – personal property

Our promises are:

  • ASB related to alcohol
  • Shoplifting
  • Traffic

February burglary and motor vehicle crimes

Unfortunately there has been 6 burglaries of a dwelling and 6 garage / shed burglaries non dwelling during the month of February. The majority have occurred in Flats in the area surrounding Copers Cope Road.

There has also been 4 reported thefts from motor vehicles. The majority of these crimes have been work vans or delivery vehicles where tools or parcels have been stolen.

We also had 3 criminal damage to vehicles these offences took place in Albemarle Road on the same evening. The suspect involved was seen by a resident and was soon arrested by local officers.




Beware of Dippers

The Copers Cope team have been visiting shops making staff and security guards aware that dipping offences have been taking place in the High Street and asking the stores to put up posters advising shoppers to keep their bags close to them and not left unattended on trolleys etc.

-It only takes a moment for a suspect to remove a purse or a wallet from an unattended bag.

-Please be aware of people around you, particularly if they are walking by you in close contact.

-Suspects often work in teams and may use distraction techniques to get to your property.

If you need police for an urgent matter where you are in danger or fear always dial 999. If you wish to see a police officer for a non emergency matter, then please dial 101

Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Team Telephone 0208 721 2772

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