Clock House Festival Saturday 30th April to 7th May 2016

The Festival will celebrate the heritage of the Clock House District which, for the last 120 years, has been the cultural and services heart of Beckenham. The District is centred on Venue 28 which stands on the exact location of the famous Clock House Mansion.

Within a half mile / ten minute walk are many fine buildings including homes, places of work, study and recreation of 50 notable national people including Julie Andrews, Enid and Carey Blyton, Rob Bonnet, David Bowie, , Admiral Brett, Harold Bride, Lady Byron and students of the Beckenham Technical and County Schools and the Beckenham School of Art.

Events planned are two concerts in the Methodist Church (April 30th) and the Baptist Church (May 7th), an Art Exhibition, heritage walks, and talks.

Two visitors taking part are Gary Higginson (to hear the first public performance of his composition “Inventions on a Theme by Carey Blyton” and Roy Hanscombe talking about his grandfather Bert Hanscombe (the dustman from Church Fields Road) who unveiled the Beckenham War Memorial in 1921 and Bert’s eight brothers who all survived the horrors of WW1.

The Festival will be concluded by the unveiling of a plaque/information panel about the Clock House District being designed by the West Beckenham Residents Association (WBRA.

For more information contact

Cliff Watkins, 020 8650 7347

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