Beckenham Post Office Under Threat of Closure

Beckenham is one of 42 post offices that are under threat of closure. The Post Office is currently considering the closure of the Post Office on Rectory Road and selling the franchise to a local shop. In Bromley the Post Office was moved into WH Smith, however it has been mentioned that WH Smith in Beckenham may not be interested hosting a Post Office counter in their small High Street store.  Our Association will be lobbying to retain a post office service in Beckenham Town Centre.

Bromley Council have no influence in the Post Office’s decision to close the branch on Rectory Road. Should the worst happen we will be expecting the Council to protect the  iconic art deco building. Local Councillors have confirmed they support retaining the building.

Currently there is a petition against closure in the Post office itself.  Local people can also write to the Post Office and the regulating body OffComm to voice their concerns.

A representative from the Post Office workers union will be attending the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association public meeting at 8pm 30 March 2016, Beckenham Public Halls to provide information about the closure and how local people may oppose it. We hope you can come along.

CCARA Residents Meeting mar 2016

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