Petition to Save Beckenham ‘Crown’ Post Office

IMG_5034Post Office Ltd plan to close Beckenham’s Crown Post Office and replace it with a downgraded franchise. Sign this petition to retain a ‘Crown’ Post Office in Beckenham.


Why Beckenham’s ‘Crown’ Post Office must be saved

  • Crown Post Offices offer more services than franchised branches. DVLA, Passport and Border Agency services are only provided by Crown Post Offices.
  • Once franchised out Post Office Ltd have limited control. If the franchise sells up in a few years Beckenham could be left without a Post Office.
  • The most likely store to take on the franchise is WH Smith. The Beckenham branch of WH Smith is small and crowded, local people and businesses will likely receive an inferior service with less staff, less counters and less space.
  • Beckenham is a busy Post Office with people travelling from far afield to use it. If Beckenham is closed only one Crown Post Office will be left in the entire Bromley Borough (the Orpington branch).  Bromley is geographically the largest borough in London, it deserves 2 Crown Post Offices, one in Beckenham to the North and another in Orpington to the South.
  • There is mounting evidence that closure of a Crown Post Office has a severe negative impact on the local economy.  Local footfall and retail trade in a town centre nosedive once a Crown Post Office is closed. TfL and Bromley Council are spending £4.7 million to boost Beckenham Town Centre, there may be little gain if footfall significantly decreases due to the closure of the Crown Post Office.

If the Post Office in Rectory Road is not profitable we urge Post Office Ltd to consider moving to a smaller site (there are empty shops in Beckenham High Street) or co-locating in another store rather than rush to give away the franchise to a third party.

A Crown Post Office is an essential service required by local residents, by local businesses and for the vibrancy of Beckenham Town Centre.  The Crown Post Office must be retained for our community.

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