Copers Cope Police Newsletter May 2016

Street Surgery

Our next surgeries are on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 25th May between 4 pm & 5 pm Waitrose Southend Road
  • Wednesday 29th June between 12 pm & 1 pm Waitrose Southend Road
  • Saturday 30th July between 4 pm & 5 pm Waitrose Southend Road
    Tuesday 23rd August between 12 pm & 1 pm Waitrose Southend Road
  • Wednesday 28th September between 1 pm & 2 pm Waitrose Southend Road

Come and talk to your local Officers and discuss your concerns and for crime prevention information.


The Met have come up with an operation called MetTrace an initiative to help residents make their homes more secure by providing smartwater forensic marking equipment.
The equipment allows residents to mark valuable property such as jewellery, mobile phones, electrical items and bikes.

The plan is 1 in 7 London homes will have been visited and introduced to MetTrace by 2018 with a planned 440,000 kits to be distributed over the three year project.
100% conviction rate if found with stolen SmartWatered property.

Each kit is unique to your home.
Bromley Police have a team currently visiting homes across the borough and hopefully will be in the Beckenham area in the future.


Our ward priorities are:

  • Burglary
  • Motor vehicle crime
  • Robbery – personal property

Our promises are:

  • ASB related to alcohol
  • Shoplifting
  • Traffic

Reported Burglary and Motor Vehicle Crimes for April

There has been several residential and non residential burglaries in the Copers Cope ward.

Two residential burglaries occurred in Oakwood Avenue and three non residential burglaries occurred in The Drive.

There has also been a few thefts from motor vehicles, work vehicles again are being targeted by suspects.


If you need police for an urgent matter where you are in danger or fear always dial 999. If you wish to see a police officer for a non emergency matter, then please dial 101

Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Team Telephone 0208 721 2772

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